Need to strengthen compliance with grants or funding agreements?
We help community organisations understand and comply with requirements.

Grants, program funding and community organisations go hand in hand. Each funded program brings with it a raft of procedures, policies, monitoring and reporting requirements. Miss a step and you could miss payments, or have payments recovered by the funding agency.

Right Hand Remote Solutions works with community organisations to help them understand the requirements of the contract agreements, and to ensure they comply with all requirements.

We develop training and hands-on support to help community organisations:

  • Understand the requirements of your funded program
  • Develop internal monitoring and
    reporting processes
  • Write program delivery reports
  • Report on fund expenditure to funding agencies
  • Provide responses to stakeholders,
    auditors and inspectors
  • Prepare management reports on contracts and programs
  • Analyse financial reports for compliance with funding body requirements
  • Prepare, implement and monitor corrective action plans

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